Maandelijks archief: maart 2015

Over liefde, relaties en seks

Nog een interessant perspectief van Beninho, dit keer op het gebied van relaties, seks etc. Helaas valt er paar keer een paar seconden geluid weg in de eerste 20 minuten, maar laat dat niet een reden zijn om niet de hele video vol interessante informatie te gaan bekijken. šŸ˜€

In this talk Bentinho dives deep into the idea of relationships, and what he calls ‘Empowered relationship’ as opposed to conventional relationship.

He starts off by claiming that there is no such thing as ‘A relationship’. It is a fiction, a man-made illusion. All there is in reality, is one being of the universe relating and interacting with another free being of the universe. That’s it. That’s where we have to start if we wish to understand empowered relationships.

To relate from freedom means to honor your own integrity, your own alignment with your source, and to honor other being’s free will and encourage them to always follow their own inner resonance as well.

He goes into some nitty gritty details as to how this can be achieved and how liberation and happiness and empowerment can be achieved for oneself as well as in relationship practice.

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