Een holistische kijk op alle soorten buitenaardse wezens #Reptilian Lives Matter

Wieteke Koolhof van Design for Awareness was recent in Oslo voor een groepschanneling en we hebben die kans gegrepen om een video te maken hoe we tegen verschillende soorten buitenaardse wezens aankijken.

Door te begrijpen dat alles verbonden is via het eenheidsbewustzijn of hoe Bashar het zegt dat alles onderdeel is van elkaar en intrinsiek verbonden is in het – All That Is – valt de reden om bang te zijn voor elkaar en voor ET’s in principe weg.
Hopelijk begrijpen mensen na het zien van onderstaand filmpje nog iets beter dat er geen enkele reden is om groepen wezens weg te zetten op hoe ze eruit zien of vanwege hun afkomst.

Tijd kortom om op te houden met elke vorm van racisme en discriminatie, ook in de ET wereld. 😀

Zeta’s, Pleiadians, Reptiles, Sirians, Lion-beings and more… for many people who have just started to explore the web on information connected to our wide range of Cosmic Family members – at some point (mostly in the beginning of that exploration) they might start to feel that their head is about to burst at the amount of information that can be found out there…

One of the biggest pitfalls however, is information that has been brought from a fear-based foundation. Of course most of us are quite new to this material – and some people do not at all connect spirituality and Oneness with the idea of expanding our awareness into the infinite amount of other lifeforms in the Cosmos. So obviously there are still messengers that belief that we are not in control, who think that we do not create our own reality. It is often from that misunderstanding of the (simply quantum physically already proven) structure of the Universe – that fear-based information is being brought to us.

65f2118dd6d5ec7c836ad00c0806f47cThose who are deeper into the spiritual side of the story and who have connected that – and the science part together – know that we can simply not perceive of anything within our world that isn’t somehow of the same frequency. In other words; fear attracts fear – and love attracts love 🙂 And of course; we are always free to respond to these things as we like.

Douwe and Wieteke have chosen to make this video to spread exactly that message – where it comes to ET-contact. Their main message is to trust your heart and look within – to remember it is all You in the end and – if you do find yourself in a challenging situation – to subscribe a positive meaning to it – so that you can retrieve a positive meaning out of it.

Love is the biggest power of all – and although of course we are all free to have our own preferences – and to say ‘no’ to certain things we do not prefer – in the end – if we come truly from a place of Love – judgement has no part in that.

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