Lijstje met 12 verschillende channelaars en hun YouTube kanaal

Bursts of Light and ColorIk ben nog steeds druk bezig met het verkennen van mijn eigen multidimensionale aspecten. Ik ben voor dat proces ook een boel andere channelaars gaan bekijken en het is me daarbij opgevallen hoe ‘gewoon’ channelen tegenwoordig eigenlijk is. Er zijn echt een heleboel mensen te vinden op de YouTube die hun Channelsessie vrij delen met de wereld. Hier een lijstje met 12 verschillende channelaars op alfabetische volgorde:

-) Barbara Marciniak die The Pleiadians Channelt

-) Brad Johnson die Adronis Channelt

-) Daniel Scranton die Quan Yin Channelt

-) Darryl Anka die Bashar Channelt

-) Esther Hicks die Abraham Channelt

-) Jonathan Martin die een SPI  The YahYel Channelt

-) Kim Babcock & Jamie Butler die Erik Channelen

-) Lee Carrol die Kryon Channelt

-) Nora Herold die The Pleiadian Collective Channelt

-) Pamela Aaralyn die o.a. verschillende Aartsengelen Channelt

-) Rob Gauthier die Treb & Aradif Channelt

-) Shaun Swansson die Ishuwa and The YahYel Channelt

Dit overzichtje van 12 bronnen van zowel mannen als vrouwen die verschillende bronnen channelen laat zien dat channelen binnen het bereik van vele mensen als dat relevant voor ze is en hun nieuwsgierigheid, interesse en passie hiernaartoe leidt. 😀

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Aanverwante artikelen en informatie:
-) Innerlijke vrede, je passie volgen en multidimensionaliteit
-) Gigi Young legt helder uit waarom Aliëns en Starseeds belangrijk zijn
-) Zelf contact maken met je multidimensionale / interdimensionale aspecten
-) Maak van binnenuit contact met buitenaardse wezens
-) Maak zelf contact met je eigen simultane parallelle incarnaties

2 gedachten over “Lijstje met 12 verschillende channelaars en hun YouTube kanaal

  1. Douwe Bericht auteur

    “It is I, Quan Yin.

    Believing that you are more than just this physical expression could be considered a leap of faith. You could tell yourselves that it is less believable that you are more than just your human expression because your human expression is all you know. And that would be a decent argument.

    So why not give yourself the experience of discovering who and what you really are by taking on more than just the consciousness of your physical expression? How do you do this, you might wonder. You do it by channeling. You do it by tapping in to the essence of something you perceive to be outside of you.

    So you may wish to start with something easy. Take, for example, one of your pets. Or if you do not have a pet, then use the expression of a bird. If you focus on your pet or on the bird long enough, you can feel the essence that he or she is projecting. You can feel a difference within you. You can become that being for an instant or longer, depending upon your comfort level. And you will most likely find this experience quite enjoyable.

    You may recognize that you have a telepathic connection with your pet or with the bird that you had previously not recognized. You may find that it is quite easy for you to become that which you can observe. You can harmonize with the vibration of anything. And when you do, you are bound to experience yourselves as more. And that truly is what ascension and expansion are all about.

    I am Quan Yin, and I hold you in my heart.”

  2. Douwe Bericht auteur

    “It is I, Quan Yin.

    Speaking your truth is an essential part of becoming more of who you are. You do not serve yourselves very well by pretending, by allowing your truth to secondary, or to be diminished. Your truth may not be popular, and you may not be proud of it, but it is yours, and any perspective at all is a perspective of Source. So if you do not allow your truth to be spoken and your perspective to be valid, then you are not giving Source the opportunity to hold that perspective and to speak that truth.

    Nothing that you do will ever be as important as being yourself. Being yourself fulfills your purpose. It is your number one mission, and only when you be yourself in the moment will it ever be possible for you to change and to be something else, something more.

    You are not here to find the one right perspective and hold it. You are here to experience all perspectives, to know them all as valid, and to release any judgments you hold on any of them. That is you allowing the whole you to be, to exist, and to perceive the world through a unique set of eyes.

    As you are capable of expressing your truth, and as you do express that truth, you become more. You allow more of who you are to flow through you. And the beautiful part about all of this is that you allow others to do the same. You grant others permission to be who they are, to speak their truth, and to become more of their whole selves. And that is the greatest gift you can give another.

    I am Quan Yin, and I hold you in my heart.”

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