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ET-contact en zwemmen met vrije dolfijnen in Egypte!

Dit bericht is in overleg met Wieteke overgenomen van haar website Design4Awareness.
Nieuwsgierig naar de aanstaande dolfijnenreis van 23 tot 30 Juni 2018? – Klik dan hier.

Can dolphin encounters prepare us for contact with Extra Terrestrials?

I believe so.  And in this blog I will share one of many reasons why this could be so. Additionally I have added one of my video’s below – on how dolphin contact has influenced my work as a ET-channel today. If you’d like to have a real-life dolphin encounter yourself, feel free to check out the links below (or this one here) – and perhaps you may even join me on the upcoming “Cosmic Dolphin”  journey – that I am organizing in the Red Sea of Egypt from June 23-30 – 2018!

There is something profoundly magical about the interaction with dolphins.

If you ask me – even though our language is quite limited to put such an experience into words; I could perhaps describe it as being wrapped in a blanked of love… Leaving us feeling fully seen, accepted, and acknowledged as soon as they connect.

Autism and Dolphin Therapy

There is a good reason why some autistic children are being recommended to do dolphin-assisted therapy, when nothing else seems to help. They may have never spoken a word in their lives, feeling lost and isolated in our world, not able to cope with the pressure and stresses of what we call our ‘modern day live’.

The interaction with the dolphins somehow relaxes them, opens them up, and well.. may have them speak within a matter of days.
Some of these kids may have been ‘given up’ on by regular medicine, yet the interaction with our cetacean friends somehow brings light back into their lives and into the lives of their relatives 🙂 A miracle that probably mostly impresses the parents of these children, but that is hardly ever spoken about, or looked at deeper – by the mainstream society of our world.

During the interaction with dolphins in the water, our brainwaves are being re-balanced, neurological synapses suddenly (re)connect and restore themselves, infections spontaneously seem to dissolve; no antibiotics needed… But how? Let’s dive some deeper into this incredible phenomena. Lees verder