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Totale overgave: sterf voordat je dood gaat

10898065_10155072598510246_5668014883368741392_nBentinho roept in zijn laatste youtube op jezelf te laten sterven voordat je dood gaat.

www.TrinfinityAcademy.com – In this meeting Bentinho will take you on a guided realization into the depths of directly experiencing total relief: the complete letting go of all tension and strive, to discover the presence of an unconditional ground of peace, bliss, freedom and effortless at the heart of your being, using the idea of death as a catalyst.

Bentinho will explore and attempt to communicate and transmit the experience of relaxing the struggle completely, as if hitting a massive reset button that then allows you to continue your life without angst, but instead with a joyful fearlessness at the core of everything you think and do. Lees verder