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Twee documentaires om een inzicht te krijgen in de situatie in Gaza en de Westelijke Jordaanoever

Hier twee interessante documentaires om een beter inzicht te krijgen in wat er aan de hand is en wat voor conflicten er gaande zijn tussen Israël en de inheemse Palestijnse bevolking.

5 Broken Cameras – is a 94-minute documentary film co-directed by Palestinian Emad Burnat and Israeli Guy Davidi. 5 Broken Cameras is a first-hand account of protests in Bil’in, a West Bank village affected by the Israeli West Bank barrier. The documentary was shot almost entirely by Palestinian farmer Emad Burnat, who bought his first camera in 2005 to record the birth of his youngest son. In 2009 Israeli co-director Guy Davidi joined the project. Structured around the destruction of Burnat’s cameras, the filmmakers’ collaboration follows one family’s evolution over five years of turmoil. The film won a 2012 Sundance Film Festival award, it won the Golden Apricot at the 2012 Yerevan International Film Festival, Armenia, for Best Documentary Film, won the 2013 International Emmy Award, and was nominated for a 2013 Academy Award.

Killing Gaza – In the feature-length documentary film “Killing Gaza,” journalists Dan Cohen and Max Blumenthal documented Israel’s 2014 war on Gaza. Lees verder