ET-contact en zwemmen met vrije dolfijnen in Egypte!

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Can dolphin encounters prepare us for contact with Extra Terrestrials?

I believe so.  And in this blog I will share one of many reasons why this could be so. Additionally I have added one of my video’s below – on how dolphin contact has influenced my work as a ET-channel today. If you’d like to have a real-life dolphin encounter yourself, feel free to check out the links below (or this one here) – and perhaps you may even join me on the upcoming “Cosmic Dolphin”  journey – that I am organizing in the Red Sea of Egypt from June 23-30 – 2018!

There is something profoundly magical about the interaction with dolphins.

If you ask me – even though our language is quite limited to put such an experience into words; I could perhaps describe it as being wrapped in a blanked of love… Leaving us feeling fully seen, accepted, and acknowledged as soon as they connect.

Autism and Dolphin Therapy

There is a good reason why some autistic children are being recommended to do dolphin-assisted therapy, when nothing else seems to help. They may have never spoken a word in their lives, feeling lost and isolated in our world, not able to cope with the pressure and stresses of what we call our ‘modern day live’.

The interaction with the dolphins somehow relaxes them, opens them up, and well.. may have them speak within a matter of days.
Some of these kids may have been ‘given up’ on by regular medicine, yet the interaction with our cetacean friends somehow brings light back into their lives and into the lives of their relatives 🙂 A miracle that probably mostly impresses the parents of these children, but that is hardly ever spoken about, or looked at deeper – by the mainstream society of our world.

During the interaction with dolphins in the water, our brainwaves are being re-balanced, neurological synapses suddenly (re)connect and restore themselves, infections spontaneously seem to dissolve; no antibiotics needed… But how? Let’s dive some deeper into this incredible phenomena.

Alpha Brainwaves | 432 Hz | The resonance frequency of the Earth

Our human ears can detect sounds between the range of 20 – 20,000 Hz. Dolphins however, emit and hear frequencies varying from 40 to a stunning 150,000 Hz. The higher resonances are used in echolocation activities, while the lower frequency emissions (<40 Hz) are used for social interactions.

So far, our scientists have discovered that some of the electromagnetic frequency sounds that dolphins create, go as low as 8Hz, a frequency that happens to be deeply healing and re balancing for the human body. The frequency of 8Hz is important to us because it is also present in the harmonic field of the Earth at the low end of the ‘Shumann global resonance’ range. Though 8Hz is inaudible to our human ears – we can hear some of it’s ‘parallel’ harmonics such as: 72Hz, 144 Hz, 256 Hz, and 432 Hz. This (in addition to other mathematical reasons that go hand in hand with the Fibonacci series and Solveggio Frequency’s), is why musical pitch tuned to 432 vibrations per second is known as “scientific tuning” in the music world.

Fundamentally, all of the multiples of the 8Hz frequency deliver the same healing benefits. Neuro-acoustic research, has demonstrated that listening to 432 Hz music assists to relax and calm the body, to focus the mind and serves in the release of emotional blockages – which in turn helps us to expand our consciousness.

Another reason why this 8Hz cycle has such an impact on our entire system is because it parallels the rhythm of human brainwaves when we are in the lower level of the Alpha state & higher level of the Theta state. During our waking state, most humans normally operate from the Beta brain wave state between 13 – 40 Hz. This Beta rhythm includes activity that occurs predominantly within the left hemisphere of the brain – which is responsible for rational thinking.

Alpha brainwaves vary between 8 – 12 Hz and indicate a serene, relaxed, and receptive state of mind. Alpha waves are present at different stages of the wake-sleep cycle. The most widely researched Alpha state – is during the relaxed mental state, where the subject is at rest with eyes closed, but is not tired or asleep. These 8-12 Hz rhythms are associated with the right hemisphere of the brain and include lucid, fluid, ‘non-active’ thinking. Kind of like when you are daydreaming, meditating, or taking a short afternoon nap (still aware of your surroundings, but resting nonetheless). The Alpha state is considered a gateway into deeper states of consciousness where we can begin to access the realm of creativity contained within our sub-conscious mind or Higher Self.

When our brainwaves resonate at 8Hz, the two hemispheres of our brain become much more synchronized, increasing the minds capability to fluidly process a greater amount of information within our minds. This frequency inspires creativity, heightens our intuitive capacity, opens us up to learn new information and activates our natural potential for using psychic abilities.

The synchronization of the two cerebral hemispheres onto itself, enhances the natural production of endorphins within the brain, kick-starting a state of mental euphoria and physical relaxation. This motivates a spontaneous experience of inner peace and well-being.  Scientists now believe that a brain-wave shift of this nature directly strengthens the human immune system.



Dolphins bring us ‘home to ourselves’  | The perfect mirror

Transmitted trough water (an excellent energy-conductor) this means that, when we interact with dolphins; we literally get immersed by the frequency of these healing wavelengths that are so strongly in alignment with the core energy signature of our own planet of Earth. These sounds, though we may not be able to hear them audibly for ourselves, penetrate every single cell of our body,allowing it to re-balance to its natural state.

Research has shown the difference in human brainwaves before and after dolphin interaction as being quite remarkable. Every single test case showed an perceptual improvement – as people observed sensations ranging from inner peace, reaching all the way up to feelings of ecstatic bliss. And since excitement IS the body’s physical translation of our pure natural state of being, dolphins in a sense bring us ‘home to ourselves’.

As a dolphin connects with us, they truly ‘scan’ us. Understanding now, the broad ‘bandwidth’ they are constantly aware of; they are actually able to ‘sense’ the frequency of our brainwaves. To ‘feel into’ what we are feeling and thinking etc. Whether we are sad, frustrated, confused, shy, it doesn’t matter. They pick up on the energy frequency of our literal state of being – as if presented with a specific kind of music. To them our ‘hidden emotions’ are out in the open – clearly audible, tangible even – as their entire body’s vibrate in response to the information coming in via their brains / their own ‘antenna’ systems.  In receiving this information you could say, they actually ‘harmonize’ with us (up to the degree they ‘need’ to, to ‘understand’ us). In a sense this is what empathy is all about. In synchronizing with the observed person or situation, most of us know how we can be able to feel ‘ along’ with another persons pain or joy. This is what dolphins do – but to a much deeper and more profound level.

Much like a mirror, the dolphins run our frequency ‘trough’ their own system, and respond to it by answering in a way that re-balances what needs to be re balanced within us.

They do this out of love, and from a deep understanding of the process we are currently going trough, with Humanity’s & Earth’s ascension. They offer us a higher state of being to resonate with if we choose to. Although it may seem that way to some of us – they do not considered this to be ‘work’ –  to them this is play! In fact there is a lot of humor used in the dolphin community, as they will always invite us to see the lighter side of things, and join them in a curious exploration of life’s infinite beauty! 🙂

Like attracts like | Tele(m)pathy | Initial and/or advanced ET-contact

So how do I make this leap from Dolphin- to ET-contact? Not so far-fetched at all. Like I said before; dolphins transmit sound waves that vibrate at a consistently harmonious frequency. When they send out these sonic frequencies – they generate an energetic field that invites matching frequencies within us. So what happens is that ‘we match up’ – so we can ‘meet and greet’ on the same wavelength. This means that on that level – we can speak to them and receives direct responses. For some people this may translate in an image, for some it will be a feeling, an insight that happens during the day – or a dream we may have shortly after the dolphin contact. For some people it may translate into direct words. All over the world there are people (though more so in indigenous communities) who understand how to interact with dolphins and how to have an actual conversation with them. The fundamental principle for all of these people though, is that they have chosen to harmonize their own frequency, with the frequencies that the dolphins offer. This is not a rational decision – this is something you allow to happen, with your entire being.

This is exactly why the ET’s have explained to us (Bashar from the Sassani / Arjun of the Yahyel and many others) – that the idea we call ‘Telepathy‘, really is based on the frequency of the heart – making it in a sense ‘teleMpathy’ (an efficient merge of the words telepathy and empathy). “The heart, like the brain, generates a powerful electromagnetic field, McCraty explains in The Energetic Heart. “The heart generates the largest electromagnetic field in the body. The electrical field as measured in an electrocardiogram (ECG) is about 60 times greater in amplitude than the brain waves recorded in an electroencephalogram (EEG).” (source)

Empathy is what takes place when the brain becomes consciously aware of the natural and constant merging your personal heart-resonance with someone else’s.” (Arjun of the Yahyel). In order to allow the brain to work in harmony with the heart –  our brainwaves need to become receptive (balanced and coherent) to the frequency of the heart. In other words; all of our hearts have the natural ability (and in fact constantly do) of harmonizing with another being – yet not everybody allows their brain to consciously ‘pick up on that’.

The other way around you could also say that; falling in love – feeling inspired & acting on your excitement (= surrendering to the energy frequency of the Higher Self / or heart) allows our brainwaves to become coherent and receptive automatically. So it works both ways. And that is exactly what makes this a mirror. What makes dolphins such a perfect a mirror for us, to help us remember that part of us – that most of us have forgotten along the way.  Our inner child, our playfulness, excitement and curiosity.

It is on that same level, that most ET’s from higher frequency dimensions communicate with each other – and with us. It is without insistence (because there is no need for that energy in the higher dimensions) and above all – it is filled to the brim, with unconditional love.

5D | Dreams | Other Dimensions

That idea of residing in ‘a constant state of unconditional love’, may perhaps seem ‘far out’ to the rational mind, yet dolphins actually already live that way. Arjun (of the Yahyel) once explained that dolphins, in that way – are like precursors for the level or dimension we have now come to understand as 5D (or the fifth dimension / 4th density). They already resonate on that frequency a lot more then most of us do (which varies per person and per moment- depending on what we choose to focus our attention on). To help ‘pull us up’ to their much more consistent level (if we want), now more then ever – dolphins have begun to interact with humans in a very direct and focused way for the past few years. This has been noticed by many people who work with dolphins in the wild – including the people I work with in Egypt (see bottom of this page for our upcoming dolphin trip).

Dolphins understand that we as a human race, are on the verge of a huge transition, and that; if we allow ourselves to resonate on a higher frequency, we will shift to a version of Earth that will reflect much more of this inner state of being ‘back’ to us in what we now still call the ‘outer material’ world. They can see our multidimensional essence,  and with their healing and re-aligning frequency songs – they offer us a bridge to overcome the inner gab / if there is one, between where we are now – and where the highest possible version of us is (already) at.

Most people receive their first Multi dimensional-contact, such as with ET’s for example, trough dreams. Dreams in a sense represent journeys within other layers / dimensions of our own greater self. Sometimes contact is ‘picked up upon’ by certain sudden sensations that cannot rationally be explained by the receiver (and thus co-creator) of this contact. A shiver while there is no draft, an incredibly deep and peaceful sensation after reading a book on a spiritual topic, or whilst attending a channeling or group meditation. Noticing  feelings that seem to be rare or even other-worldly. Their dreams often contain night sky’s – stars – other planets or much more directly: UFO’s and ET’s in one way or another.

Understanding our dreams is yet another step of rising to a deeper understanding of ‘Telempathy’, and how this ‘works’..  Again, in dreams – we observe a flow of information that may not initially make sense to the rational brain, but that often contains a valuable message on deeper levels. Those who train themselves to understand their own personal dream-language and symbols, will have a much easier time receiving what dolphins / (ET) guides and other higher dimensional beings have to share with us. It may not immediately translate into a perfectly coherent sentence, but it can ‘end up’  to be one, once one knows how to decipher the symbolism.

For me personally; since my first encounters with dolphins in the wild – I have felt a strong increase of clear and outspoken dream messages and it seemed as if I could translate the incoming information faster then before. It assisted me in understanding my ET-guides, and I still often ‘tune in’ with dolphin- or whale energy (and/or the strongly related Sirius energy) in many of my channeling sessions, as I facilitate these for others.

I had my own first ‘free dolphin’ interaction in 2012. Out of great enthusiasm coming from my own experiences –  I eventually decided to organize the kind of trip I made back then – now again in 2018, with a group of like-minded people – so I could share this transformation energy with others. With people who wish to also explore their own inner world and perhaps unveil their latent psychic gifts. With people who wish to let themselves be guided by the dolphin energy in that process, as they simultaneously connect to their own Higher selves – the stars – and to each other in joyful exploration. More on this Dolphin trip that still has some places available (June 23 – 30th 2018) can be found in the links / and video below.

Wieteke Koolhof   (ET-channel & Intuitive Consultant)

Join me on a Cosmic Dolphin Adventure of swimming with free dolphins in the Red sea of Egypte from June 23 – 30th – 2018:

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