Zelf leren channelen – Oefening 6 van 7: Je gids verbaal channelen

Dit is het zesde deel van de serie waarin mensen zelf kunnen leren channelen.

In de eerste vier delen werd het fundament onder channelen gelegd.
-) Oefening 1 van 7: Een relaxte staat van zijn bereiken
-) Oefening 2 van 7: Concentratie en focus vasthouden
-) Oefening 3 van 7: Afstemmen op levensenergie
-) Oefening 4 van 7: Postuur en positie

In het vijfde deel werd een eerste ontmoeting met je gids opgezet.
-) Oefening 5 van 7: De eerste ontmoeting met je gids

In dit zesde deel leer je je gids vocaal / verbaal channelen, probeer je de naam van je gids te achterhalen en leer je vragen te beantwoorden vanuit de channeling state.

Step 6 – Verbally Channeling Your Guide


This process is to bring your guide in through your voice, get your guide’s name, and answer questions in a channeling state.


Complete all prior exercises and processes. Read through this entire process before you begin, so that you are familiar with its overall direction.

Whenever you verbally channel, we suggest that you use an audio recorder, or have someone else listen and take notes. You will gain invaluable insights from listening again to your channeling. Notice where the microphone is on your recorder, so you do not hold it too far away from you or cover it up, or else use a separate microphone. Test the recorder and the microphone, and feel your voice connecting with them. These are your recording devices. They assist you in recording your channeling and saving it for future use. Put light around your recorder and microphones, and visualize them receiving your channeling. You want your equipment to work well when you are in a channeling state.

Be sure you have read the earlier sections about What to Expect the First Time and Getting Your Guide’s Name. Have the Questions to Ask Your Guide ready, including the Personal Questions. You may want to record these questions and have them ready to play back on a separate audio player. If you are with a friend, give them the questions to ask you, and be sure they have read the Instructions for Assisting and Guiding a Partner through First Meeting.

We suggest that you channel no longer than about forty minutes the first time. There is no danger with longer periods, but they may be tiring. If at any time you find the connection growing weaker or feel yourself becoming tired, stop channeling. You have made the first connection, there will be many more. Wait an hour or so before channeling again, or until you feel rested and guided to channel again.


1. If you wish, put on some special music that will assist you, and find a comfortable erect sitting position. Close your eyes, find a comfortable position, and enter into your channeling state. Breathe deeply and slowly into your upper chest. You might imagine a golden light coming into a place in the back of your head and upper neck to activate the connection. If you want, surround yourself with the image of a bubble of white light.

2. Now, imagine energy and light flowing into your throat and vocal cords. Open these areas to the high, light energy of your guide. One way to open these areas is to say the word “Om” with each exhale. Relax even more and repeat the sound for several minutes. Let the sound and vibration lift you.

3. Believe that you can make this connection with ease. Adjust your energy so that you feel yourself connecting with the higher realms of light and love. Imagine that you are again going upward, expanding your being, and that the guides are once again creating a doorway for you to walk through.

4. Call to you the same guide you met earlier. Greet him or her again. You may want to talk to this guide in your mind once more. Make sure this guide feels high, loving, and wise to you. When you feel confident and ready, proceed to let your guide come into your aura and energy more closely.

5. Imagine that you are inviting your guide more fully into your energy systems. Picture your guide is gently surrounding your aura, and, softly and lovingly, coming closer to you. Feel the presence of your guide growing stronger. Keep opening to this connection. Ask your guide to assist you. You may want to continue to make the slightest changes in your posture, in your head and neck position to intensify the connection and keep the energy in the back of your head and neck open. Imagine that your guide is joining with you, so that you are sitting in his or her light, but also know that your personal energy is inviolate. Imagine your sense of self as strong and your feeling of “self” intact.

6. Let your guide surround you with his or her immense light and love. Your guide’s vibration is very light, loving, and wise, and you will most probably feel a loving presence overshadowing you. Your guide may feel as if he or she is amplifying the best in you. There should be a sense of well-being. Continue to open only if the guide feels high and affirms he or she is from the light. If there is a sense of heaviness, resistance, or negativity, do not continue to bring in this guide. Ask for a higher guide, and demand that this guide leave, which they always must do.

7. Notice your emotions. There is often a sense of compassion as we join with you, for we are beings of love. You may feel a sense of calmness and tranquility. We know it takes practice and time to strengthen the connection. You may call upon our energy, Orin and DaBen, to help with your opening. We applaud you for your willingness to make this initial link.

8. Allow the connection to grow even stronger. If your mind is saying, “I wonder if it is just me?” or asking, “Have I really connected with a guide?” let that thought go, and for now believe that you have indeed connected with a high-level guide, even if you cannot sense or prove the reality of it.

9. Turn your recorder on if you are using one. Ask your guide for a name or sound by which you may know him or her. Give yourself plenty of time. If you do not receive a name, ask for the first letter or sound. Be sure to record the name if you receive one. You may find you and your guide changing the name over the next several weeks. Some people find that there is more than one guide present; they may get several names. If you get a name, move on to the next step.

It is all right though if you do not get a name at first — or ever — for not all guides choose to take names. If you are not getting a name after a short while, move on to the next step.

10. Start channeling by asking your guide questions. Pick questions from the Questions to Ask Your Guide When You First Start Channeling. If you are having difficulty receiving answers to the Questions of Universal Nature, ask your guide Questions of Personal Concern. If you do not get specific answers, see if you are getting pictures or symbols, then speak about these or whatever you are able to see or sense. If you are not receiving answers to the questions and do not get any images, ask your guide to further open and strengthen the connection. Then, to get your verbal connection started, describe any physical sensations or whatever you are feeling aloud. Record your answers.

If you find it difficult to speak directly, as if you are the guide, relay the messages second hand, such as, “My guide says…” to start. If you feel any discomfort, ask your guide to help you open the area in pain.

11. After you and your guide have established the ability to answer questions, continue to answer questions for as long as you feel comfortable. When you or your guide is finished, before you close, sit quietly enjoying your guide’s energy. No talking is necessary. Find the harmony that this state brings.

12. When you are ready, ask your guide to strengthen the connection so that it will be even easier to connect the next time you channel.

13. After you have finished, thank your guide, and feel his or her gratitude for you. Stop channeling. Stretch your body, move around, open your eyes, and bring yourself to full, alert, and aware consciousness.


Congratulations on opening to channel, you have begun a very special relationship. Welcome to the joy and adventure that lie ahead. Please read and join in the Graduation Ceremony, which is the last section in this chapter.

If you have not reached your guide, repeat this exercise again until you do.

Concentration, patience, and persistence are usually required as you develop the ability to connect with your guide and receive your guide’s messages. Keep asking your guide to help you with the connection, and find quiet time alone for your guide to reach you. If you tried this process by yourself the first time, you may want to arrange to have a friend assist you the next time by asking questions and being a listener for your guide’s answers. (See the Instructions for Assisting and Guiding a Partner through First Meeting.)

If after some attempts you have not made the connection, you may want to use another method, such as calling in your guide and letting the ideas flow through your mind into your hands at a computer or with pen and paper.

Occasionally people find it easier to get their first channeling connection in this way.

If you feel spacey after channeling, you have not fully broken the connection. Instruct yourself to come fully out of your channeling state, perhaps stretching your body and moving around. If you still feel spacey, go outside or walk around indoors. Do something that requires left-brain, analytical thinking.

We have instructed you to channel with your eyes closed as most people find it easier to focus and receive inner messages when they remove any visual stimulus. Most people prefer to continue to channel with their eyes closed; however, it is possible, and perfectly acceptable, to channel with your eyes open.

Dit is wellicht de belangrijkste stap in het totale proces. Neem je tijd hiervoor en het kan echt goed helpen om als je hier serieus mee aan de gang wilt om iemand anders te vinden die hier ook interesse in heeft zodat jullie elkaar kunnen helpen met deze stap.

Dat is wat ik hier lokaal in Oslo heb gedaan, eerst met een goede vriend die ook wilde leren channelen en later hebben we meer mensen gevonden die hier ook interesse in hadden en sindsdien komen we op vrij regelmatige basis bij elkaar om elkaar vragen te stellen om zo het channelen te oefenen.

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