Tijdlijnen leren navigeren via frequentie (deel 1) – The Arcturian Collective

Een nieuwe kanalisering van The Arcturian Collective. Ze vertellen iets meer over zichzelf, er komen vragen over The Event, Q-Anon, Antarctica voorbij,  en ze gaan ook redelijk uitgebreid in op hoe mensen zelf tijdlijnen meer bewust kunnen leren kiezen op basis van frequentie.

Onder de YouTube video in de omschrijving staat een navigatie menu zodat je naar de voor jou relevante/interessante vraag kunt gaan.

00:00 Hello / Introduction.
00:22 Can you tell a bit more about yourselves, the Arcturian Collective?
03:24 Is there a spiritual evolvement where you are?
05:18 I have a question about verbal channeling.
Can a person connect to any entity or energy in the universe or do you connect mostly to one entity or being to channel?
09:15 Why am I so drawn to these alternative topics, do I have starseed connections myself?
12:15 Are the kids that are born today all starseeds?
14:20 I have a question about your collective, how come you have access to all information? Do
you know everything? Booktip: No Boundary Awareness by Ken Wilber.
18:27 How is life on earth part of a bigger plan?
21:05 Is there a bigger plan?
Also see: Beingness is Worthiness – http://tinyurl.com/y2bkeva9
24:50 Can I ask a question about our planet Gaia, will we be able to restore the damage we have done or will it happen through something called The Event?
Also see: Designing Natural Abundance with permaculture – http://tinyurl.com/y4kabd7x
28:30 The Event is something in the alternative media and it says that there might be a big
cleansing process coming together with a raising of consciousness, is there any truth to this?
32:35 Will the Event also involve a dimensional shift on our planet?
37:10 What would be the most efficient way to work through my blockages?
Also see: Follow your curiosity, interests, excitements – https://tinyurl.com/y65xv9pl
40:13 Statement about having experienced contrast and created a personal meditation.
42:24 I would like to know more about my own guides and connection with them.
44.54 I have a question about advanced technologies like free energy.
50:18 I have a question about star families, is there one or are there many?
Also see: How to Connect to your Star Family – https://tinyurl.com/y2u5hkk3
54:20 Are there any mysterious things going on beneath the ice of Antarctica?
58:18 Can you say a bit more about collective vs. individual reality?
1:01:10 Do you know of a collective that can support people with the theme authenticity?
1:04:00 Can you say something about the ET connections I have?
Also see: How to Connect to your Star Family – https://tinyurl.com/y2u5hkk3
1:09:50 Can you tell me more about my origins and connections?
Bit of explanation about Orion and positive reptilians, reference to Treb by Rob Gauthier
1:12:15 Goodbye!

Channeling from 2nd February 2019 for a group with 6 people.
For entertainment purposes only 😉

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