Zelf leren channelen – Oefening 4 van 7: Postuur en positie

Dit is het vierde deel van deze serie over zelf leren channelen en de laatste stap van de basisvaardigheden om te leren channelen.

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In deze oefening gaat het over hoe je voor jezelf een goede positie in kunt nemen om te channelen wat voor postuur daar het beste voor werkt. Het is daarmee de laatste stap in het fundament om je channelen op te gaan bouwen.

Hier de oefening:

Step 4 – Channeling Posture and Position


To find the posture and position that helps to best support your channeling.


Have completed the Attuning with Life Force Energy exercise, and have a basic ability to relax and hold a focus. Wear loose clothing and sit in a comfortable upright sitting position, either on the floor or in a chair. Sit straight, in a position you can hold for twenty minutes or so. If you are on the floor, you may want the support of a pillow under your buttocks. It is best when your physical body is at a certain level of comfort, not necessarily pain-free, but so

that any pain or discomfort does not distract you.

Your environment should not be too warm or too cold. You might put on some music that will help you experience a calm, relaxed, meditative state.


1. Close your eyes and relax your body, calm your emotions, and quiet your mind. Spend at least two or three minutes relaxing and quieting your thoughts. Call any energy you have scattered out in the Universe back to yourself.

2. Imagine that you are going to take a journey upward into the higher realms of light and love. Adjust your energy so that you begin to feel yourself lifting into a higher, more spiritual space. Use whatever images help you evoke that special feeling. Imagine a moment under the stars, or remember the feeling of reverence you have in a church or temple. Connect with whatever takes you into a higher space and allows you to feel more at one with the innermost part of your being.

3. You may want to adjust your position. Experiment with slight movements of your face, neck, and shoulders. Discover which positions allow you to feel more expansive and think in higher ways. Take a deep breath into your upper chest. Notice how your posture shifts and how your head comes into a different position. Let your head feel as though it is floating. You can tilt it slightly forward or back, right or left. Play with the angle of your head. Let your thoughts slow down. Let your stomach relax. Notice how some of the smallest movements in posture or position produce large changes in how you feel.

4. Experience your inner senses. Listen through all of your senses. Notice that some of your internal chatter and busyness is going away. Notice also that you are more aware of your surroundings, of the room, the sounds, smells, and energies. Let that awareness boost you higher.

5. Notice your breathing. Let your hands and your wrists relax. You may even tingle a bit and grow warmer as you begin to open the channel to a higher energy. Let yourself open to the higher realms beyond the Earth plane. You might imagine all the cells in your right-brain, your receiving mind, reflecting perfectly the higher planes of reality, much like mirrors. You might picture the higher energy flowing from your right-brain into your left-brain, your conscious mind, with perfect precision and clarity. Observe your mind as if it were a clear mountain lake reflecting the higher realms. Spend a few minutes absorbing this higher vibration.

6. Go as high as you can with your mind, even going higher beyond the mind into pure light. You may feel a sense of love and compassion that is greater than usual. Let yourself feel centered, balanced, loving, and open. Experiment with coming in and out of this space. Notice how your body follows the change.

Note how you can influence this feeling directly and spontaneously with your thoughts.

7. When you have explored some of what is possible from this space, come back into the room, feeling present and alert. Practice being in this channeling space in varying circumstances and places. Learn to identify those times during the day when you might be in a spontaneous channeling space: concentrating on the solution to a problem; pouring out love to someone, perhaps helping them with advice; painting, drawing, teaching, and so on. Do not let any particular posture or set of circumstances become a ritual or necessity. Learn to establish a good link or channeling state under all kinds of circumstances.


If you were able to experience a greater than normal sense of love and compassion or an expansive feeling from this exercise, proceed to the next exercise.

If you found it particularly difficult, you may be making it more complicated than it is. Relax, let go of your thoughts about what it should feel like, and work with this exercise again, at your own pace, with a sense of play and discovery.

In verhouding is dit een vrij simpele oefening als je de vorige drie stappen al goed onder de knie hebt in mijn ervaring. Maar wel goed om een keer goed doorheen te gaan en je kunt hier ook later prima nog verder mee experimenteren.

Nu de basis helemaal behandelt is komen in de volgende oefeningen het zelf contact maken met je gids uitgebreid aan bod. Als je de serie tot nu toe hebt gevolgd dan is dit een goed moment om het e-book waar deze oefeningen uit komen door te lezen.
(Download hier de 7 oefeningen en het boek in PDF vorm)

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Daar staat een boel aanvullende informatie in, zowel een uitgebreide achtergrond en ook kun je er vele ervaringen vinden van mensen die de stappen hebben genomen om zelf te leren channelen. Wat hun motivaties waren, wat hun hobbels waren, wat hun ervaringen in het begin en later waren. Het boek is echt zeer de moeite als je merkt dat je een oprechte nieuwsgierigheid en interesse in deze materie hebt.

Verder zijn wederom vragen van harte welkom in de reacties.

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